Sen. Marco Rubio makes campaign stop in Miami, weighs in on drama in DC

By Alex Finnie - Reporter

MIAMI - U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, was in Miami Monday on the campaign trail, encouraging people to vote and weighing in on recent drama in Washington, D.C. 

Rubio stayed away from Rudy Giuliani’s now highly-publicized "truth isn't the truth" comment, saying he had a very busy weekend.

"I'm not aware of the comment," Rubio said. "I was dropping my daughter off at college, so I've been living in a black hole."

Giuliani has since walked back his comment used to explain why President Donald Trump should not testify with special counsel Robert Mueller. 

While Rubio shied from the Giuliani topic, he did have a lot to say about former CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance being revoked

"I think it comes down to if the president planned on using Brennan extensively for his advice or his intelligence agencies were interested in using him for his advice, then it would be a problem," Rubio said. "I have a sense that they were not going to be touching him that often, given the relationship between Brennan and the president."

Rubio pointed out the motivation behind it is key. 

"I can get it if this is about someone that was with the CIA and then went to private life, but this is someone who is out there now that has become a political combatant," Rubio said.  

When pressed about his thoughts on White House counsel Don McGahn's testimony in the Mueller investigation, Rubio said, "I think everything happening in this White House is going to get a lot of attention. That's just the way it is."


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