Professor Will's report card

Will Manso breaks down Dolphins-Panthers

By Will Manso - Sports Director
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MIAMI - That one hurt. There's no other way to put it. The Dolphins were in perfect position to beat a very good Carolina Panthers team and they blew it. This loss felt much too like many of the Dolphins losses over the last 10 years -- solid defense and a frustrating offense.  We've seen this movie before. As the popular twitter hashtag going around states: #ThatsSoDolphins.

Here are the grades.

Offense- C-

I was tempted to make this a D, but only Mike Wallace's big day saved that from happening. Plus, Ryan Tannheill threw for over 300 yards. But one again, Miami couldn't run the ball, and Tannehill has pressured throughout. The offensive line continues to be a mess with injuries and suspensions. This offense literally did nothing in the second half. If they do just something in the final two quarters, they likely win the game.

Defense- B

Yes, they gave up a game winning 80 yard TD drive to the Panthers, but this unit frustrated Cam Newton all game long. They got turnovers and pressured Newton into some poor plays. This defense just got no help from the offense.  Tell me if you've heard that one before Dolphins fans?

Special Teams- C

They allowed a nice return to Ted Ginn that set up a Carolina field goal. Caleb Stugis missed a late field goal that could have added some space to the lead and Brandon Fields failed to pin back the Panthers on the last drive. But, they didn't get a field goal blocked, so it wasn't all bad.

Coaching- C

Joe Philbin, after another difficult week, seemed to have his team ready. He made a couple of good challenges, and his team was in position to win, but the bottom line is this team blew a 16-3 lead, and no matter what Philbin says about the Panthers deserving to win, Miami should have come away with the victory.

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