Prosecutor suggests Kaufman killed wife because he was involved with another woman

Lina Kaufman's friends testify in murder trial

MIAMI - Testimony resumed Monday in the murder trial of an Aventura real estate developer accused of killing his wife, as prosecutors suggested Adam Kaufman strangled his wife because he was involved with another woman, an affair that possibly started before Lina Kaufman's death. 

"This takes the cake," said William Matthewman, Kaufman's attorney. "What is the possible relevance of this testimony? There is none."

Matthewman was irate after prosecutors began discussing the matter in front of a witness.

"Here, he's asking this girl out with his dead wife's wedding ring on his finger, the next month, December of '07," Assistant Miami-Dade State Attorney Bill Baldwin told Judge Browyne Miller. "By January, February, they're having regular sex. He was not exactly devastated by his wife's passing. I mean, the best analogy I can think of is when Casey Anthony getting a tattoo." 

The defense shot back after the comment.

"There is absolutely no evidence of any impropriety during this marriage, any marital infidelity during this marriage, on either side," said Matthewman. "Adam is still wearing his wedding ring. He has to be forced to go out."

Meantime, prosecutors questioned one of Lina Kaufman's friends about her life and relationship with Adam.

"She was the type of girl that was one in a million," said Melissa Fedowitz . "A strong, happy, vibrant, funny, loyal friend."

Lina Kaufman's closest friends told the court that she was a specimen of good health, not the woman the defense contends had a heart condition which led to her death.

Friends say she never complained of shortness of breath or chest pains.

In the afternoon, Dr. John Stollar, the emergency room physician, recalled when she arrived at Aventura Hospital.

"What was your preliminary diagnosis as to how she died?," asked Baldwin.

"Perhaps she had a broken neck, perhaps she was strangled, perhaps she was hung," said Stollar.

Lina Kaufman was found dead in the bathroom of her home in Aventura in 2007.

The state says her husband strangled her.

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