Protesters gather at MIA to voice opposition against travel ban

Hundreds attend protest at airport

By Ian Margol - Reporter

MIAMI - Operations were back up and running Sunday night after more than 100 protesters crowded the international arrivals area at Miami International Airport, voicing their opposition against the president's controversial executive action.

They held signs and chanted "no ban, no registry, no white supremacy," in order to show their disappointment and disagreement with President Donald Trump’s executive order that bans refugees, migrants and other foreign nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

"We cannot allow for this to happen in our country. This is why we all came here. We all are from somewhere else," Raquel Rodriguez said.

Even with rain coming down on them, protesters jammed the sidewalk outside of the international arrivals terminal, and at one point, blocked traffic in the street.

Police said the protest remained mostly peaceful and they were able to get cars moving again quickly.

Organizers said they were happy with the turnout and hope the president and local leaders take notice of their message.

"This is people that are saying we are not taking all of this hate. We are saying no to hate we are saying yes to immigrants, we are saying yes to love and we are saying yes to peace and that's why all of these people are here," Marcia Olivo said. 

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