Puppy test drives new prosthetic paw

Little Debbie looking for her forever home

PLANTATION, Fla. - An abused puppy who was found with a severed paw a few weeks ago, got to take her new prosthetic paw for a test drive on Friday.

Little Debbie was a little nervous as she tried to get used to her new paw, but she seemed eager to try it out.

Last month, the 5-month-old pit bull puppy was found with one of its front paws cut off.

"I'm thrilled for her. It's going to make it easier on her," said Michelle Rodriguez of 1 Lucky Dog Rescue, who took in Little Debbie to help with her recovery.

Even with her prosthesis, Little Debbie's road to recovery will be long. In fact, she's growing so fast, she'll probably need a new one in the next three months.

"Once she reaches full growth, she'll be able to have a prosthetic that gets utilized for much longer," said Shawn Conery of Around and About, Inc., the company that made the prosthetic.

It took a little getting used to, but Little Debbie is quickly getting used to her new paw.

"The dog went from walking really slow paced to an all-out run very comfortably," said Senior Prosthetist Richard Connery. "We don't see any redness or breakdown, which is pretty exciting."

Little Debbie still needs a forever home. Her new owners will have to monitor her growth carefully but, all in all, what she needs is a lot of love.

"She's a little timid, but once she gets used to you, she's very sweet," Rodriguez said.

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