Race for Monroe County Sheriff

Rick Ramsay runs against Tom Peteck

KEY WEST, Fla. - It's hard to find a position in the Monroe County Sheriff's Office that Rick Ramsay hasn't held.

"I've been a deputy, patrol sergeant, traffic sergeant, detective sergeant, narcotics sergeant, swat team sergeant, dive team sergeant," listed Ramsay. 

Right now, Ramsay is under sheriff, second in command, and he wants the top job.

"Two sheriffs have had the confidence in me to be the chief operating officer, to run the day to day operations in the agency," said Ramsay. 

However, his former co-worker Tom Peteck wants it, too.  

"(I) worked for the Sheriff's Office almost 25 years," said Peteck. "June 1st I retired, and decided to become a full-time politician,"

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Unlike Ramsay, Peteck spent very little time as a manager within the department. He said that gives him an edge.

"It's important that the community know who is working in their area. I spent most of my 25 years working on the road at the street level," said Peteck.

Peteck's vision as sheriff is a department focused on community policing. That means deputies partner with every day people to solve neighborhood crime. 

"What's an issue in Key Largo may not be an issue on Stock Island," said Peteck.

"My opponent talks about community policing like it's something he just designed himself. We've been doing community policing for 20 years," said Ramsay. 

According to Ramsay, the programs that are already in place, including community policing, are working.

"During my time as second in command, we've seen reductions in crime, up to this past year 8.1 percent," said Ramsay. 

Ramsay said knowing how to run the Sheriff's Office is critical, while Peteck feels being a reachable sheriff is most important.

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