Race for Monroe County Supervisor of Elections

Joyce Griffin runs against Barry Gibson

KEY WEST, Fla. - If you only remember one thing about Joyce Griffin, she wants it to be her passion for your vote.

"We are the seed of democracy. It is such an important job," said Griffin.

Griffin has spent 28 years working for the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections, and 19 of them as the assistant supervisor. Now that her boss is retiring, she wants the top job. 

"Singers will say I was born singing. Well, I was born counting ballots. It's something I love to do," said Griffin. 

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Her opponent, Barry Gibson, feels the same way.

"I enjoy the electorate process. It's fascinating," said Gibson. 

Gibson has a very different resume. He has a background in banking, is a former business owner and a former city commissioner in Key West, but he's never worked for the department of elections. 

"I'm the outsider, so I'm the guy who's coming in," said Gibson. 

Gibson said that's an advantage.

"They need upgrading in the candidates workshop because I've been through those. The website needs to be revamped and upgraded," said Gibson. 

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If Gibson wins, he said he wants to make Monroe County elections more user friendly.

"This ballot this year is very complicated, and there are 11 amendments to the constitution on there that people don't know what to do," said Gibson. 

Joyce Griffin believes that under her 28 year watch, the process is extremely understandable and efficient. She wants to keep it that way,

"I am the only candidate in this race who has the administrative skills and experience to run three Supervisor of Elections offices," said Griffin. "If you like the way elections are being run in Monroe County, then I'm your candidate." 

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