Radon gas seeps into Homestead City Hall

Council votes to transfer employees, build new city hall

HOMESTEAD, Fla. - The Homestead City Council voted Monday evening to move employees and construct a new city hall after learning about the mold, asbestos, and radon gas that is filling the building.

Tests showed it has been seeping throughout the entire building at more than twice the safe level. It's even been seeping into the city council chambers.

At a meeting Monday, council members learned that the colorless and odorless radon gas is the number one cause for lung cancer in non-smokers.

The council voted unanimously to move nearly 50 city workers to leased offices.

It also voted to abandon the 53-year-old building and construct a new city hall in downtown Homestead.

"We decided the safety of our employees is what we need to take care of tonight," Vice Mayor Jon Burgess said. "We're gonna move them to a safe place."

The city said it will take at least two weeks to lease new office space. It will decide in early October on the final plans for the new city hall.

With a nearly $18 million surplus, a spokesperson said the money is already available.

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