Record-breaking grouper caught in Florida

Jon Black snagged the 552-pound grouper from his kayak

SANIBEL, Fla. - It's not a fish tale if you have the video to prove it, right?

Luckily for angler Jon Black, his believed-to-be record-breaking catch was caught for all the world to see.

While fishing from his kayak just off Sanibel, Black hauled in a giant grouper that weighed in at an estimated 552 pounds.

According to, the mammoth grouper is likely the largest ever caught from a kayak if there were, you know, records for that kind of thing.

The fish measured 83 inches long with a 73-inch girth.

Black's priceless reaction to catching the colossal fish has gone viral over the Internet

After it was measured, the grouper was released back into the ocean to enjoy its new-found sea life celebrity.

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