Renovations continue at Turkey Point

Upgrades completed at unit 3

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. - Renovations continue at the Turkey Point nuclear power plant.

On Tuesday, the facility gave Local 10 a tour to show off the plant's progress. Upgrades have been completed at Unit 3, which is now producing 15 percent more electricity.

Workers even built a replica of the new Unit 3 control room so workers could properly train on the new technology.

"We can respond to something quicker, more efficiently, because we have the controls here in the control room with us now instead of having to use somebody who's out in the field," said shift manager Steve Murano.

"Right now, the customer, from these upgrades, will save about $7.5 million a month or about $3.8 billion over the life of these operating units," said project manager Alan Katz.

A similar project is scheduled to begin on Unit 4 in November.

"By doing these upgrades here in Florida, both at St. Lucie and Turkey Point, it's the equivalent of taking five million cars off the road every year," said Katz.

Work on Unit 4 should be finished by March 2013.

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