Residents fed up with 'sneaker freaks'

Dozens wait outside Dadeland Mall to buy sneakers, resale them later online

MIAMI - Every few weeks, a bridge near Dadeland Mall fills with dozens of people who make thousands of dollars a year by buying sneakers the second they go on sale, and then selling them as soon as stores sell out. But not everyone is happy with these businessmen.

The "sneaker freaks" set up camp on the sidewalk across from Dadeland Mall and live there for days.

"It's been very long and tiring," said one man waiting outside earlier in the week.

"We had people out here since Tuesday trying to line up to buy the shoe," said Tony Perez, who works at Shoefly.

"It's like the new collectors item. Now you can say that's the new baseball card pretty much," said Sam Miriki, who also works at Shoefly.

The entrepreneurs buy limited edition sneakers. This past week's model, the Air Jordan Golden Moments Pack, sold for $350 at Dadeland and then resold for more than double online.

But area residents are fed up. They say the dozens who wait for the sneakers trash the place.

"They're on the bridge regularly," said Peter White. "This neighborhood, come on, give me a break. These apartments are very expensive."

"If they're affecting the quality of life in the neighborhood, we're going to have to investigate," said Miami-Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez.

Area residents told Local 10's Sasha Andrade that people who live in the bridge go to the bathroom there and that crime has risen in the neighborhood.

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