Retirees gather to hear Obama speak

President set to speak in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - President Barack Obama was scheduled to speak Thursday in West Palm Beach. 

Hundreds of retired Americans gathered at the Century Club in West Palm Beach to hear the president speak. 

What would you ask President Obama?

"There's a lot at stake for us right now being senior citizens," said retired voter Fran Marchasin. 

Pearl Melmet, 90, has voted in every election since 1944, but none has been more important to her than this one. 

"I am frightened of you-know-who," she said, referring to GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney. 

Obama was set to speak to the crowd mostly about the economy and medical care. To those who attended, some on fixed incomes and some on Medicare, they were issues worth waiting for in the heat and humidity. 

"It's ridiculous. I mean, it's either food or health," Marchasin said. 

In an election filled with social media strategies and endless, confusing TV ads, the highly anticipated but low-tech speech will be the source of information for this group. The truth, they said, is best seen face to face, heart firsthand and decided upon with experience. 

"To see a person live is more important than to watch them on TV, because on TV, it's make-believe. When you see a person live, you can really judge what they are and who they are," said retired voter Ron Lane.

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