Rodent rub marks force restaurant's closure

4 restaurants ordered shut for 'high priority violations'

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SOUTH FLORIDA - State inspectors noted rodent rub marks along the walls and a dead rodents inside the inside BM Organic restaurant in Fort Lauderdale last week.

Four restaurants were ordered shut by the state for "high priority violations."  Below is a list and some of the violations.

2960 North Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale

27 Violations

"Foods marked "not for human consumption" held in reach in coolers and reach in freezer on front-line, in store, held with foods for human consumption. Raw unpasteurized milk and raw unpasteurized yogurt stored with mixed vegetables, kimchi, soups, sauerkraut, juices.  And labeled pet burgers, marked not for human consumption stored with fish, pork, etc in reach in freezer on frontline, in store."

"Dead roaches on premises. In glue trap in dry storage room by dish wash area and in glue traps at rear bar."

"Rodent activity present as evidenced by dry and semi-dry rodent droppings found. Several hundred rodent droppings throughout establishment: 40 under equipment at rear bar, 50 under cook line stove and prep tables, 30 under shelves in storage room, 30 in storage room by water heater and on top of water heater, 30 in unused dining room by rear bar along walls and under equipment, 50 throughout upstairs bar and upstairs room, several hundred in between ceilings on top of ceiling tiles by stairway near prep/dish wash room, 50 along walls in stairway, 20 in hallway by upstairs bathrooms. **Warning

"Heavy Rodent rub marks present along walls/ceilings. In stairway from dish wash and prep area to 2nd floor (note : no doors separating prep / dish wash area and stairway)."

"Dead rodent present. Dead rodent under ice bin at rear bar next to cook line/kitchen (note: no door between bar and cook line/ kitchen."

"Dish machine chlorine sanitizer not at proper minimum strength. Discontinue use of dish machine for sanitizing and set up manual sanitization until dish machine is repaired and sanitizing properly. 00 ppm chlorine and no sanitizer of any kind hooked up to dish wash machine. **Repeat Violation**"

9080 Kimberly Blvd.
Boca Raton

29 Violations

"Interior of reach-in cooler and gaskets soiled with accumulation of food residue at cook line coolers. Contaminated by live and dead roaches . Coca cola cooler soiled with debris in rear prep area."

"Dead roaches on premises. 7 dead roaches squeezed into gaskets at cook line coolers, 1 dead roach at HANDWASH sink in kitchen and servers area. 1 dead roach on dirty table at dish machine."

"Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 33 live roaches inside coolers and gaskets at cook line coolers, 1 live roach on slicer, 1 live roach on top of food scale, 8 live roaches in dishwashing area, 2 live roaches in rear prep area near food storage shelving, 2 live roaches in dry storage area, 2 live roaches by mop sink, 5 live roaches running across floor on rear prep room."

7705 West Flagler Street
West Miami

16 Violations

"Slicer blade soiled with old food debris."

"Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found.6 plus live roaches inside cooking oven missing door about 20 plus live roaches inside second oven on cook line. 1 live roach on shelve in kitchen by storage area, 1 live roach inside boiler room

"Live, small flying insects in food storage area."

7895 West Sample Road
Coral Springs

11 Violations

"Dead roaches on premise, 7 dead around edge of deep freezer."

"Roach activity present as evidenced by 3 live roaches found crawling on prep table in front service area, 2 crawling on dining room floor, 5 crawling on wall by 3 compartment sink, 7 crawling on deep freezer, 5 in cracks by microwave, 1 crawling on floor by restroom, 2 crawling on plate in front service area.

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