Sam would welcome selection by Fins

Missouri grad not concerned with Miami locker room

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INDIANAPOLIS - Michael Sam would welcome being drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

If he's picked in May's draft, Sam would become the first openly gay player in the NFL.

At the draft combine, Sam said, "If the Miami Dolphins drafted me, I would be excited to be a part of that organization.  I'm not afraid of going into that environment.  I know how to handle myself, I know how to communicate with my teammates, I know how to communicated with the coaches, and other staff who I need to communicate with."

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gave support to Sam after his announcement saying that his sexual preference would make no difference in the team's evaluation of him as a player.

The Dolphins locker room has become part of the national conversation following a bullying scandal.

The NFL and team is still looking into the matter following the Wells report.

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