Santa Claus left hanging over mall shoppers

Father Christmas suffered beard malfunction

READING, England - Don't let it ever be said that even Santa Claus doesn't have his bad days every now and then.

Poor Ol' Saint Nick's face was as red as his red suit when he got stuck making his grand entrance at a British mall over the weekend.

Just seconds after beginning his rappel from the roof, Santa's beard got stuck in the rope, leaving Father Christmas dangling above the shoppers for 30 minutes.

But because the "show must go on," mall officials continued their holiday festivities even while Mr. Claus was hanging like an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Thankfully, the mall had another rope and sent an "elf" down to rescue the big man.

Santa Claus finally arrived at his destination uninjured, although a bit embarrassed and sans some of his beard.

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