School bus crashes into house

Police: SUV driver walks away from scene

MIAMI - Police say the driver of an SUV involved in a crash with a school bus that careened into a house Wednesday afternoon walked away from the scene.

The crash occurred at Northwest 21st Avenue and 47th Street at about 2:30 p.m.

SLIDESHOW: Images from the scene

Police said a bus carrying two students and an adult from Edison Elementary School was traveling east on 47th Street when a black SUV traveling south on 21st Avenue blew a stop sign and collided with the bus.

The school bus then crashed into the front of a nearby house.

Neighbors who heard the crash said that while school workers were getting children out of the bus, the SUV driver walked away.

"I saw the guy. The guy was on the phone, talking. I just heard him say that he ran the stop sign, and then he was talking on the phone and the next thing you know, he disappeared," a neighbor said.

The search continues for the driver.

No one was injured.

Collis McDuffie and his granddaughter, Dominique, were inside the house when the crash happened.

McDuffie had been painting in his bedroom when he heard a loud noise.

"All of the sudden, boom," he said.

His granddaughter said she was on her way to the kitchen.

"I just turned around and I see a bus inside the house," she said.

Neither was injured.

Building inspectors were expected to examine the home to determine if it is safe for the residents to return.

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