Shoppers search for deals after Christmas

Stores offer deals to make up for slumping sales

SWEETWATER, Fla. - Shoppers were searching for deals on the day after Christmas.

"We waited for this day on purpose," said Clara Reyes, who was shopping at Dolphin Mall. "We're looking for the most sales we can because it's one day after Christmas."

Guide to after Christmas shopping and returns

"There was a line here, a line there -- it was crazy. People were taking forever because they want to return stuff for Christmas," said Roxanna Sotolongo.

"It's worth waiting to get that extra discount," said Adriana Imbert, who was shopping with gift cards she received on Christmas. 

Shoppers with the day off headed back to South Florida malls to find bargains.

"Everything is pretty much 50 percent off," said Reyes.

"Next to Black Friday, yeah, it's very, very, very close," said Michael Mendelson of International Electronics. "It's been a little bit sluggish. Lower ticket items have been moving."

Consumer experts say retailers reported slow sales during November and December, and stores are trying to make up for it now with price cuts.

Dolphin Mall will be open until 10 p.m. Wednesday.

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