Should Sandy Hook Elementary be torn down?

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SOUTH FLORIDA - On Tuesday, parents and other members of the community in Newtown, CT met to discuss the future of Sandy Hook Elementary.

The school is still considered a crime scene.

If you're the parent of elementary school-aged kids like me, ask yourself this: Could you send your kids back in to those same classrooms again?

Should Sandy Hook Elementary be torn down?

If it was up to me, I'd say hell yes.

This school was the scene of a massacre. The healthy learning environment it once was is tainted forever.

Out of respect for the victims and families, it should ultimately be THEIR choice on whether the school remains standing. And IF they decide that breaking out the wrecking ball is the next best step, then the next step should be to put on a telethon-style donation drive and air it on every network during primetime.

Americans who were so desperate to help in the aftermath of the tragedy would now be able to contribute and pay for a new state-of-the-art school.

When people ask, "What's wrong with this country? I always think in response, "What's RIGHT with this country?"

Americans are still good, sympathetic and generous human beings. I truly think people will step up to the plate in a telethon-like drive like this as they've done with Haiti, Sept. 11, Stand Up to Cancer and now ... Sandy Hook.

I'll pledge the first $100.

One more thing. Change the name. Goodbye Sandy Hook Elementary. Hello Hochsprung Elementary -- as in Dawn Hochsprung, the Principal who died for her students. What's more symbolic and fitting than that?