Siblings stop at MIA while going home after shipwreck survival

Dan Suski, Kate Suski recovering after Caribbean shipwreck

MIAMI - Two American tourists, who were stranded at sea and swam for hours to save their own lives, made a stop at Miami International Airport as they were heading back home.

The siblings are now recovering from a long day of fishing that turned into a life and death experience.

"It was intense. It was a long day... A long 20 odd hours," Suski said.

30-year-old Dan Suski and 39-year-old Kate Suski were vacationing in Saint Lucia, a small island nation in the Caribbean, north of Barbados.

The siblings were on a fishing boat when Dan tried to reel in a 200-pound fish. As he reeled in the fish, the boat began to take on water until the engine room was eventually flooded.

That's when the siblings put on lifejackets and jumped into the water. For the next 14 hours, the siblings swam through waters where sharks are a regular sight.

"We could see land off in the distance and we started swimming in that direction, and then it would disappear intermittently as we swam. We felt the wind behind is and we tried to use that as a gauge for direction," said Suski.

Eventually, when the pair miraculously reached land, they hiked inland and tried to keep warm with grass and brushes. When the sun came up, they hiked through thick brush, finding green bananas and bitter mangoes to eat.

The siblings finally spotted a farm worker, who fed them while police arrived to the scene.

"I don't even think we knew what to say. We said we were in an accident. We really didn't know what to say. It must have been so strange for him to see us," added Suski,

A captain and a mate, who were also stranded when the boat sank, were rescued after spending almost 23 hours in the water.

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