South Florida teens ready to vote

Many at North Broward Prep School are looking forward to voting in this election

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. - It's estimated that there are 17 million eligible new voters between 18 and 21 years old in this year's presidential election.

That's more than 7 percent of the total voting population, and 30 of them attend North Broward Prep School in Coconut Creek. 

Most are voting with their pocketbooks in mind. 

"I definitely think the economy in general. Like, for gas prices, I drive and it's expensive to fill up," said Sara Ecoff.

"Tax cuts, health care, gas prices," said Brett Levin. 

"College, that's the biggest thing. Like, which candidate is going to help me in college," said Dana Lam.

The teens have been following the debates and watching the news. For the most part, they have decided. 

"I think they are smart enough to be a president and be our leader. I'm going to support the person I fully think will change the world," said Lam.

The group is ready to have their voices heard. 

"Everyone kind of wants to change it but they don't know how. This is one way we can attempt to change the world for the better or sometimes for the worse," said Levin. 

"I'm grateful for that I was born here and I can vote and I can change America," added Lam.

Many in the group hoped for better job prospects in four years when they are getting ready to finish college.

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