Spa offers IV cure for hangovers

Reviv South Beach offers help to late night partygoers

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A spa on South Beach is offering its clients a cure for their hangover.

Michael Diaz said he's a regular customer at Reviv South Beach.

"Last time I came in for my hangover, 30 minutes after I came in to the IV, I went and ran six miles," he said.

The spa offers intravenous therapy for hangovers, dehydration, and fatigue. Physicians who run the spa offer the same IV fluids used in emergency rooms.

"Sometimes, if you're nauseated from the dehydration or alcohol hangover, you don't feel like drinking," said Dr. Andrew Garff. "And then the body gets rid of 50, 60 percent of what you put in orally and it doesn't even get into your system whereas 100 percent of what goes into your vein gets into your system."

So what's in the IV?

"It's the exact same constituents of what's in your blood except for there is no blood products. So it's the same electrolyte solution, the sodium, the chloride - it's just fluid. It's the exact same stuff in your body," said Garff.

Each client goes through a medical screening process first. Massage chairs, HD television screens, and iPads with wireless internet help customers relax.

Diaz said the service allows him to better rehydrate after late nights or athletic events.

"Usually afterward, I feel a little bit better and it keeps on getting better as my body kind of absorbs everything," he said.

"Do you want to spend a day in the hotel room or on the beach curled up in a ball or do you want to spend a hour with us and do the things you came to do on vacation?" said Garff.

Reviv South Beach also offers vitamin B12 injections and oxygen therapy.

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