Stray bullet kills Pembroke Pines woman

No arrests made in shooting

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A Pembroke Pines woman is dead after being struck by a stray bullet inside her home Friday morning.

According to police, at about 12:30 a.m., officers went to a home at 8642 S.W. 14th St. after receiving several 911 calls regarding a shooting.

Investigators said 61-year-old Linda McNamara was sleeping inside her home, located in the Honeywoods development, when she heard gunshots. McNamara got up to look out her bedroom window and was struck by a bullet.

"Very loud, very bad," said neighbor Ines Stuart.

Family friend Pete Balcarce described what it sounded like, saying, "Pop, pop, boom, boom."

McNamara was rushed to the Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, where she died.

A preliminary investigation indicates that a gunman fired several shots at the home.

Detectives said McNamara lived in the home with her husband, who was there at the time.

"He was crying, 'His life is over. His life is over. What is he going to do?'" Belcarce said. "All he wanted was her, back."

"Very sad -- I am a mother. It is very sad," Stuart said.

At the scene, neighbors hugged, still in shock that this happened on their street.

"Those bullets weren't meant for her. They weren't meant for her," Balcarce said. "They were a wonderful couple, best friends."

Susan Ambley is related to McNamara, who she said had two children.

"She was a great mother, a worker, overindulged the kids -- a typical mom," Ambley said.

At this point, police don't have anyone in custody and have not released a description of the shooter.

Inside McNamara's home, there was a nigh vision surveillance camera pointed toward the street. Police have not said whether the camera captured video of the shooting or why it was pointed toward the street.

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