Surveillance video shows SUV in fatal drive-by

Person of interest sought in shooting of Lakisha Lampley

MIAMI - Miami police released surveillance video Monday showing a SUV, which detectives believe a gunman who shot and killed a 25-year-old mother was riding in.

"It is our feeling they were following them, just looking for the right opportunity to commit the crime, which they did, and took this young lady's life," said Miami Police Department Sgt. Freddy Cruz. 

Lakisha Lampley, 25, was shot and killed August 12 after her, her sister, a cousin and three male friends left Club Romance. They were ambushed along Northwest 36th Street between 12th  and 14th Avenues in Allapatah about 3:30 a.m.

Detectives canvassed the area and discovered several working surveillance cameras along NW 36th Street. Many showed a black SUV closely following the car Lakisha was in -- a 2006 gray Nissan Altima.

After checking with dealers, they found out it was likely a newer model Chevy Tahoe. 

"We have received information from cooperating sources that the vehicle was a rental vehicle and has since then been returned to the rental agency," said Confessor Gonzalez, the lead detective on the case. 

Detectives have also been able to identify a passenger in that Tahoe, possibly the shooter. He goes by the name "Jit." According to Sgt. Gonzalez, he is roughly 6' tall and has long, bushy dreadlocks. He is now a person of interest.

"It could be the macho issue -- the wrong look, the wrong word, dressing the wrong way, different reasons," said Gonzalez. "We don't know the exact reason yet."

While the specific motive is unknown, police said the group of people inside the black Tahoe got into an argument with the men who were with Lakisha inside the nightclub. 

"You have different groups together from different areas and it can create some sort of bad blood," Gonzalez said.

Detectives hope that obtaining the surveillance video and identifying a person of interest will lead to an arrest.

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