Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center treats addicted moms

Moms can recover while still living with their kids

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A Pembroke Pines medical center is helping mothers addicted to painkillers and anxiety medications recover.

Davi Aleba got hooked on pain killers after she had an accident.

"I couldn't stop myself from taking the prescriptions drugs, I wasn't there for my kids mentally," said Aleba.

Aleba said she is now on the right track with the help of the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center in Pembroke Pines.   

It is the only residential facility in Broward County where mothers and their children live together while the moms receive therapy to overcome their addictions. The success rate there is more than 70 percent.

"It's because of that residential component, with vocational work, with the GED, trauma treatment, 12-step program, with prenatal care and with learning how to be a parent," said Dr. Lisa Davenport.

About 50 women and more than 60 children call the recovery center home, where the cycle of dysfunction is broken and families leave healthier and whole.

The children serve as the inspiration.

"I believe it truly does motivate them because if the children have faith in the moms, the moms have faith in themselves and you really see that every single day here," said Davenport.

The hope is that moms leave here better equipped to deal with past pressures and ready for a brighter future.

Fundraiser to be held Friday

On Friday, the Round for Recovery golf tournament is taking place at the Weston Hills Country Club. All the money raised will help build the recovery center a new playground.  

Local 10's very own Kristi Krueger will be there.

For more information, call 954-733-6068 or click here.

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