Suspect in officers' shootings identified

ICE agent released from hospital

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter , Glenna Milberg - Reporter

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - A Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon, less than three days after he was shot in the arm by a man on the turnpike.

Cellphone and surveillance video caught the shooter walking along the highway just before he took his life. 

On Friday, the FBI identified the deceased suspect as David Edwin Bradley, 23, of Miami Gardens.

"He wasn't a big guy, was a small guy, probably like (5 feet 3 inches tall) with dreads," said barber Dwight Francis. 

The incident started about 2 p.m. when the FBI was tracking a carjacker in Miami-Dade County. A man ripped off a minivan, then moments later hit Pembroke Pines to rob GQ Barber Salon. 

"He came in (and said), 'Where is the money?' I opened the register and got the money out," said Francis.

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Francis handed over $350 but his customer, an off-duty security guard, wasn't about to let the robber get away. 

"When the guy tried to leave, he opened fired on him," said Francis. 

The FBI released two surveillance images of the suspect in the barber shop.

But, the gunman sped off, headed west, dumped the van and carjacked a blue Infiniti. He found his way onto the Turnpike, where he got into an accident and ran into a Key Biscayne police officer on her way home. 

"Whenever she sees anyone in trouble, she stops to help," said Key Biscayne Police Chief Charles Press. "She chose to stop and render aid to what she thought was a traffic accident."

The robber pulled out his gun, shot at the officer, then turned on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent also on the highway.

Cops from all ends of South Florida hit the road to help. Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy and Iraq war veteran Osvaldo Petitfrere, 32, put the injured Key Biscayne officer into his cruiser and rushed her to the hospital. Law enforcement sources told Local 10 that that deputy also fired shots to protect the wounded officer.

"He definitely played a role in saving her life. He's quite a heroic young man," Press said. "His actions went far beyond those of a five-year veteran."

Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy Enid Conley, 23, with the Dania Beach district was on her way to the scene was involved in a crash on Interstate 95 and Sheridan Street. She was hospitalized with a broken leg.

The gunman then committed suicide as the Turnpike was shut down for hours, backed up for miles in the height of rush hour.

The ICE agent, Assistant Field Office Director Gabriel Martinez, was released from Memorial Regional Hospital on Friday. ICE said he is a 10-year veteran with ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations.

The Key Biscayne police officer, Nelia Real, 54, was shot in the neck during the confrontation. She was in critical but stable condition Saturday.

"She knows she's in good hands. She understands the situation. She's very calm. (She was) agitated last night, but she's with her family today," Press said.

Press described Real as "the consummate community police officer."

"She is in charge of the traffic unit. She is probably the best-known officer in Key Biscayne. Her niche has been traffic safety, especially the safety of children," Press said.

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The FBI said it is looking into Bradley's motive in the incident.

According to records, Bradley was arrested about 20 times between 2007 and 2011 on charges including possession of marijuana and cocaine, dealing cocaine, trespassing, loitering and prowling and resisting arrest. He also was accused of minor traffic infractions and driving with a suspended license, but he was never accused of any violent offense.

The FBI asked that anyone with information about Bradley's activities on Thursday or anyone who witnessed any of the events is asked to call the FBI at 305-944-9101.

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