Suspects arrested as police foil Hialeah robbery

8 city blocks on lockdown as police searched for suspects

HIALEAH, Fla. - Three men are in custody and another is still on the run after a police chase in Hialeah Monday morning.

Detectives believe the group was trying to case out a nearby jewelry store near West 44th Place and West 12th Lane to rob it.

Police swarmed the Hialeah neighborhood Monday, putting eight city blocks on lockdown.

Officers arrested two suspects and then found a third hiding in a shed in a nearby property.

Police K9s sniffed that suspect out and dragged him from his hiding place.

Police used force while arresting the man, saying they believed the four men could be armed, desperate and dangerous.

The incident began at a nearby shopping plaza that was being watched by an undercover officer. That officer spotted the four men acting suspicious inside a car.

Police say the group appeared to be casing a jewelry store. When the undercover officer approached, they took off and bailed out in a residential area.

The car came back as stolen and officers say they found some alarming equipment in the trunk so they continued to search for that fourth suspect.

"We believe that they were here to commit an armed robbery and we have found evidence of that inside the stolen car," said Hialeah Police spokesman Carl Zogby. "Skulleys, sledgehammers, evidence that a hostile takeover was about to happen. Maybe breaking showcases -- that type of a robbery."

On July 30, the ABC jewelry store in the same shopping plaza was robbed by two men. Police are checking surveillance video to see if it was the same men or a copycat crime.

Meanwhile, the area remains on lockdown while police continue to search for the fourth suspect.

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