Syrian immigrant fears US strike

Adel Korkis grew up in Syria, now lives in Pembroke Pines

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. - Adel Korkis grew up in Syria and shudders when he sees that the U.S. is considering strikes on his homeland.

"When the U.S. decides to start a strike, that means the start of the third World War. You can control the start but you don't control when it will end," Korkis told Local 10's Neki Mohan.

Korkis, now a husband and father of two, said the Syria he grew up in may never exist again.

"Syria was the safest country. The president could ride around without security," said Korkis.

Korkis has many relatives still living in the war-torn country. He believes rebels are behind the chemical attacks. 

"If a man go shopping, they kidnap and ask for money. If there is no money, they kill him," he said. "Killing is very normal for them... They don't care. They are there with to kill or be killed."

Korkis called the images coming from Syria disturbing, adding that he wasn't sure what was true. He hopes the U.S waits for more information before a strike.

"We need better pictures," said Korkis.

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