Boy's pre-surgery request: Grocery store dance party with Grandpa

'You can dance anywhere'

Ràšámî Møûä/Facebook

A 5-year-old Wisconsin boy had just one request before he underwent surgery: He wanted to go dancing with his grandfather - in a grocery store.

Kyu San Juan made the unusual request one night before bedtime, according to Kyu's mother.

"We all were getting ready to go to bed," she told Inside Edition. "And then Kyu said he wanted to go dancing."

Even though it was around midnight, Kyu, his mother and his grandfather headed to Festival Foods, which probably isn't the first place most people would go to boogie, something his grandfather was quick to point out.

"People are going to think we're crazy!" he said, according to the Facebook post.

"Grandpa, use your imagination. You can dance anywhere!" Kyu reportedly replied.

Kyu's mother filmed the pair dancing in the frozen-food aisle, with little Kyu hardly looking as if he were about to undergo a serious surgery.


A Facebook post reads that Kyu was diagnosed with AVM after a rupture in 2017 that caused a seizure and left him incapacitated. He had a craniotomy AVM resection performed in 2018, but it grew back and required additional surgery.

Kyu's mother said the most recent procedure went "better than what the doctors had anticipated."

It went so well that Kyu even had a dance party at the hospital.

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