Teen arrested in store beating flees US

Attorney says protests scared suspect away

MIAMI - A 19-year-old man charged in connection with the death of a man fatally beaten at a Perrine store was supposed to turn in his passport Tuesday in court, but instead authorities found out he had left the country.

Police said Akil Larue Oliver, 34, was killed on Nov. 18 after an argument with two clerks, brothers Ragheb and Nabil Sulaiman, at the Quick Shop Food Store at 9720 SW 168th St.

Ragheb Sulaiman is in jail, charged with second-degree murder. Police said he hit Oliver in the head with a crowbar.

Nabil Sulaiman, who police said hit Oliver with a bottle, was charged with aggravated battery and was released from jail after posting $10,000 bond.

Instead of surrendering his passport to authorities, authorities said Tuesday that Nabil Sulaiman fled the U.S. and went to the Middle East.

Community members have been protesting outside the Quick Shop Food Store in the hope of turning business away since Oliver's death. Nabil's attorney said the protests are exactly why Nabil Sulaiman illegally left the country. The attorney said the protests caused him to fear for his safety.

When asked how Nabil Sulaiman managed to flee the country, a representative of the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office said, "Nabil's defense attorney had agreed to voluntarily surrender his passport in court today. However, Sulaiman did not show up in court. As a result, we asked the court to issue a warrant to take him into custody."

Now, it might take an international effort to bring Nabil Sulaiman back to the U.S., and there are no guarantees he will ever return.

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