Teen beaten on bus: 'I tried to get away'

Attack happened on Broward County Transit bus in Fort Lauderdale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Fort Lauderdale Police released surveillance video Tuesday showing three men beat a 17-year-old boy onboard a Broward County Transit bus.

The incident happened in September on a bus that was heading west on Sunrise Boulevard.

According to police, the Tyreek Westby was on his way home from nearby Mavericks High School when he was jumped by three others. The video showed the three -- one wearing a white t-shirt, another in a red pullover, and a larger man wearing sunglasses -- board the bus.

Police said when the bus stopped, the man in the white t-shirt held the back door open while the man in the red pullover hopped back on the bus and began pummeling Westby. The man then grabbed him and dragged Westby off the bus where he and the other two men continued the attack.

"He grabbed me off the bus and all the terror started happening. I started feeling the hits all over. I tried to get away. I can't take this. Time for me to escape or survive. I can't make it," Westby.

Westby briefly escaped but the trio chased him down and continued beating him and kicking him. One of the men then leaned down and grabbed something from the teen before they left.

"Anger. Anger. Anger. I want justice to be done for him," said Tessa Westby, the victim's mother. "They could've took my son's life that day. With one hit, took his life. And, the worst part, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing. That's wrong."

Police believe the trio spotted the Westby's Samsung Galaxy cellphone when they all boarded the bus. The men stole his cellphone and iPod.

After the attack, the teen tried getting back on the bus. Several witnesses attempted to pry the door open while others yelled for the driver to open the door.

Instead, the driver pulled away. Witnesses said the driver didn't call for help.

"Why didn't she just do something? Not for her to intervene and put herself in harm's way, but why didn't you call for help?" asked Westby's mother.

"You just drive off on someone in need? You don't do it, you don't do it," said Westby.

A Good Samaritan picked up the teen and drove him home. He suffered a fractured and head injuries.

"I appreciate that, don't know where I'd be if they hadn't done that," Westby said.

At least one 17-year-old man was arrested in connection with the attack. His name was not immediately released.

Police are looking for at least one more man involved in the robbery. If you recognize anyone in the video, call Fort Lauderdale Police at 954-828-5700.

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