Test helps athletes fine tune routine

Cleveland Clinic Florida provides VO2 max testing

WESTON, Fla. - Amateur and professional athletes are learning how to fine tune their fitness routine with special testing at Cleveland Clinic Florida.

Brian Huberty, a marathoner, hopes his passion for running takes him to the Olympics.

"My biggest dream as a runner is to run marathons even when I'm 100," he said.

That goal brought him to the Cleveland Clinic Florida for VO2 max testing.

"It's a test that can be used for the elite athlete or someone who's new to training," said Dr. David Westerdahl with Cleveland Clinic Florida.

The test measures when an athlete hits specific training zones.

"We're measuring how much carbon dioxide they're exhaling, how much oxygen they're taking in," said Westerdahl. "We're also measuring their heart rate via EKG leads."

The results of the test can help people fine tune their exercise program.

"I think individuals appreciate the test results. They like having something tangible to provide them the feedback about how they're doing," said Westerdahl.

Huberty takes the test every few months and reviews the results with his coach.

"You can train and know exactly how hard to push yourself without being abusive to your body," he said.

Testing has also been used to help bariatric patients meet weight loss goals post-surgery.

VO2 max testing costs $125. Blood work costs an additional $50.

The testing is typically not covered by insurance unless there's an underlying medical reason for it.

Click here for more information on the testing at the Cleveland Clinic Florida or call 954-659-5662.

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