The Birthday Blues

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What an exciting moment.

My daughter's 4th birthday! 

I was so excited that as soon as she woke up, in her Princess Tiana nightgown, messy hair and thumb in mouth, I bombarded her with "Happy Birthday, Baby" (over and over again). 

I admit… for 6 AM, it was a bit much as I ran to get her present from the kitchen and kept trying to get her to open it.  I was clearly more excited than she was.  Once she did open the bag and saw her Princess Tiana dress-up dress, she threw it on the floor. She didn't want the Tiana dress-up dress, only the nightgown.

"Wow, I'm raising a brat," was what I first said to myself.  I grabbed the dress, put it back in the bag, hid it, and felt I had to do exactly what I didn't want to do… reprimand her on her birthday, first thing.

When things calmed down she curled in my lap on the couch and looked up at me and said, "Mommy I don't feel four."

I told her she was while reminding myself how young 4 still is.

That's what we should have done first, cuddled on the couch and just talked.  Feeling the need to get everything done before we got out the door only ended up getting our morning off to a rocky start!  But that's what we working moms do; we pile it all up and rush, rush, rush.  And a lot of times… at least in my house… it only ends up backfiring.

Luckily, I have a very smart 4-year-old who puts me in check every now and then.

Oh, and she did get her dress-up dress back… but not until I got home from work that night.

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