Thieves try to steal Walgreens ATM

Security guard calls 911, thieves get away empty-handed

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter , Sasha Andrade

MIAMI - Four men who tried to steal the ATM at a South Florida Walgreens got away empty-handed Wednesday morning, thanks to a shopping center security guard.

The store, located at 3751 NW Seventh St. in Miami, was closed at the time of the attempted theft.

While two of the men broke and pried open the sliding door, another man went for the money machine. The team wrapped a chain around it with the intent to yank it out with a truck.

The shopping center security guard, Gus Urbina happened to drive up in his golf cart at that exact moment.

"I was coming that way with a golf cart when I saw a white Blazer," Urbina said. "When they saw me, they got spooked, (said), 'Security guard, security guard,' and they ran."

Urbina called for backup, but the would-be thieves got away with nothing. They did leave behind some damage and their gear, which police plan to dust for fingerprints to track them down.

After four years of patrol, this was a first for Urbina, who is thankful no one was hurt.

"It's all part of my job," Urbina said.

The men were wearing masks, but detectives are looking at surveillance video to get a license plate number on the getaway truck in the hope of identifying them.

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