Tourist Run Over On Beach Is Released From Hospital

Woman, Whose Sister Died, Recovering From Injuries

MIAMI - A woman, whose sister died when the two of them were run over by a beach patrol vehicle, has been released from the hospital.

Stephanie and Sandrine Tunc were crushed by a Miami Beach patrol SUV driven by officer George Varon. He was looking for robbery suspects at the time.

Stephanie, 27, died at the scene of the Feb. 23rd accident. Sandrine, 26, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The women's parents, Claude and Marina Tunc, flew from Paris to Miami to be at their daughter's bedside.

There is no word on when the Tunc's will return to France.

Beach Patrol Policy Reconsidered

Nannette Rodriguez, with the City of Miami Beach, said that City Manager Jorge Gonzalez asked several of the city's departments to submit their ideas for beach vehicle use.

All of the departments, including police, fire and public works, handed in suggestions on Friday.

Gonzalez and Mayor David Dermer are reviewing the suggestions and plan to make their conclusions public.

Rodriguez said it appears likely that the city will adopt an ATV-only beach patrol policy.

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