Training exercise simulates bus explosion

Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force hosts training exercise in Loxahatchee

By Ben Kennedy - Reporter

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - A bus exploded as part of a training exercise organized by the Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force.

The exercise took place in Loxahatchee on Thursday morning. About 30 CSI technicians from 10 counties across Florida took part.

RAW VIDEO: Bus explodes

"It's a lot of adrenaline because you don't know what your walking into," said technician Angela Weissman.

The scenario: terrorists hijacked a bus and blew it up; multiple people were hurt. Moments later, CSI took over.

Teams met, geared up headed out. Some snapped pictures while others grabbed gloves and a mask to search the bus for clues.

"The first thing you notice is all the trauma to the back of the bus, all the damage, so likely (that's) where the blast originated from," said Weissman.

It was a full scale exercise complete with fake body parts and evidence markers.

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