Travel Channel show features Miami International Airport

Airport 24/7 to air on Tuesday nights

MIAMI - The shallow waters of reality talent that have hit South Florida run about as deep as a puddle on Lincoln Road.  We've seen the Kardashians, the Real Housewives and, of course, Snooki. 

But there's a new local reality star ready for its close-up, and it proves to be wilder than anything Hollywood has ever scripted.

"This is a mini city on steroids," said Lauren Stover, Assistant Aviation Director for Security at Miami International Airport.  "We host a Super Bowl every day here with 100,000 people that are coming through our terminal"

It's called Airport 24/7, and the star isn't an exhibitionist looking for an extra 15 minutes of fame; it's a living, breathing behemoth we all know and love as Miami International Airport.

The show is a no-holds-barred, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run one of the largest airports in the country; one that deals with the threats and issues most don't know, or care, to hear about.

Added Stover, "The public has a right to know what we're doing for them for their security.  We don't need to keep that a secret."

The brainchild of Executive Producer and aviation buff Chris Sloan, Airport 24/7 has it all: drug busts, gun-toting passengers and terrorist threats. The only thing it doesn't have is a script because it's 100 percent real-deal reality.

"People deride reality TV and say oh, it's all fake and fabricated," said Sloan. "We don't have to fake or fabricate anything at a Miami International Airport."

"We caught live action out as it was happening," Stover said. "There's no opportunity for a second take.  We couldn't tell the knucklehead that came through the checkpoint with a loaded firearm to, "Oops, hold on! Can you do that again and walk through one more time because the cameras didn't get it?" 

The airport is hoping the show, which airs at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights on the Travel Channel, sheds a new light on M-I-A and the people who put all that hard work into making it run. 

The Travel Channel is simply hoping for great ratings, and for that, Stover says, they've come to the right place. "You know, anything can happen here at any given time and if it can happen, it'll happen in Miami."

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