Trespassing charges filed in Allen home break-in

7 teens accused of entering former Heat star's home

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Trespassing charges have been filed against the teens accused of breaking into former Heat star Ray Allen's Coral Gables home last week.

The Allen's were advised that the State Attorney's Office filed first-degree misdemeanor trespassing charges on Wednesday.

While visiting the home of Allen's neighbors on Aug. 14, seven teenagers entered the home while Shannon Allen and her children were sleeping. Ray Allen was not home at the time.

Shannon Allen yelled at the teens who then ran out of the house.

Police said Ernesto Romero, Kevin Ramos, Alana Garcia, Christian Lobo, Angel Sanchez, and Jorge Guerrero, all 18, along with Jonathan Ramirez, 19, admitted to breaking into the home.

Apart from a statement released by Shannon Allen, the family has remained quiet about the incident. The family has cooperated with the State Attorney's Office, but they did not have a say on whether charges would be filed.

The teens told police they thought the Allens had moved. Police initially released them because there was no forced entry and nothing was taken. At the time, the Allens' attorney said the couple was upset that charges weren't filed because a crime had been committed.

Attorney Gregory Victor said the Allens are now satisfied that charges were filed Wednesday and the teens will face consequences for their actions.

"The Coral Gables Police Department will continue to work with the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney and assist the Allen family as the criminal case against the individuals charged proceeds through the criminal justice system," Coral Gables police Maj. Raul Pedroso said.

If found guilty of first-degree misdemeanor trespassing, the teens could face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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