Trial of 'Romeo Rapist' continues

Andre Beadle accused of raping two women

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The trial of the man dubbed the "Romeo Rapist" continued in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom Wednesday.

Andre Beadle, 36, of Tamarac, is accused of raping two women at his home on July 24 and July 27, 2011. He was arrested in Oct. 2011. A third victim later came forward and said he also raped her.

Beadle lured two women to his apartment for dates and then raped them there, according to prosecutors.

During testimony Wednesday, one of the alleged victims said she was afraid to call police because she felt Beadle may become violent.

"He described it - how he would kill me if he could, so I thought oh my God, he's going to come back. He's going to try to kill me. He knows I'm with my mom, he'll try to hurt my mom. He knows I have a daughter, he'll try to hurt her, and I was just terrified," said the alleged victim.

Defense attorney Lee Friedland said the woman still allowed Beadle to drive her home after the alleged attack.

"You did have your feet, right?" said Friedland.

"Yes," answered the victim.

"And there was the possibility that if you needed to you could have walked somewhere, instead of getting into the car with somebody who had threatened you, who had choked you, and who had injured you in some way," said Friedland. "Right? There's the possibility you could have walked."

The mother of one of the alleged victims also testified.

"We had always talked about going out with somebody for the first time, they should go to a public place and she said, 'Well, he had to change his clothes,'" said the woman.

Two other alleged victims are expected to testify.

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