Turchin's Take: I can remember when...

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HIALEAH, Fla. - I was at a crime scene in Hialeah the other day when I happened to glance across the street and noticed how many homes had bars on their windows, driveways with steel and iron gates, surveillance cameras, signs announcing that house had an alarm system. I have no doubt many of those houses had bolts on the internal doors, too.

What happened to the good old days where we felt safe in our own homes?

I can remember when I was a kid living in Miami and I would jump off my bike and lay it down on the front lawn... and it would be there when I returned... the next day. Or, when my folks left the front door open... overnight... just locking the screen door. 

But that was then -- and this is now. Tackling anti-social behavior is a priority. We need to understand it can adversely affect the quality of life for our families.

In this day and age residential security systems are a must.  We are all worried about the safety of our families in and out of the home. While your home should be a secure haven, it's not always the case. In fact, burglaries and home invasions are more common than you think. Theft, kidnapping and even murder are only a few of the heinous crimes that can be committed inside the home by intruders. This is the reason why it is of primary importance that we protect our homes and those who live in them. 

As criminals continue to terrorize our own neighborhoods we must take precautions. I admit, I often feel like a prisoner in my own home, but I'd rather feel safe and feel like a prisoner than wonder what might happen if I didn't take the security precautions I do. 

Still, I wish things were they way they were when I was a kid.

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