Turchin's Take: Killing family in time of crisis 'cowardly'

Recent murders of spouses and kids outrageous

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I am so sick to my stomach. Once again, some selfish, self-centered, twisted person who can't cope with life on life's terms, and decides to end the lives of others - and then take his own. COWARDS!

This is a sickening trend that unfortunately is becoming all too common - men angry, jealous, wasted on drugs, you pick the excuse - kill an ex-girlfriend, a former wife, or worse yet, their own children ... and then themselves.
How brave! 

The latest cowardly act was earlier this week in Deerfield Beach.  Michael DeJesus first shot and killed a 76-year-old man who wouldn't let him use the phone in his motor home. Then, hours later, inside that man's RV forced his wife and two sons to lie shoulder to shoulder on a bed and one-by-one plunged a knife into each one of them several times, then ended his own life with the same knife. Nine-year-old Jeshiah bled out and died on that bed. His mother and 7-year-old brother Samson are fighting for their lives.

How can a father do something like that to his own kids?  I cannot comprehend how someone can kill their own children. How can someone look into a child's eyes and stab them?

This comes a week after Josh Powell - the Washington father who blew up his house, killing himself and his two children - 7-year-old Charlie and 5-year-old Braden.
I have a message for both of them - and the thousands who have preceded them --kill you, okay - but to kill your own kids or spouse or ex, this way - wow - what a poor excuse for a human being. 

How brave! I can only pray that his sons didn't suffer. A child who has not even had a chance to taste life and all it can offer, and you stop them, because YOU have problems.  Chances to go to school, to get married, have children and go through troubles, just like everyone else - you took that away.

If your life isn't what you wanted - you should have changed it. And if you don't have the cajones to do that - you should have gone somewhere and ended it, if that is all you could see to do.  If you were not man or woman enough to see what tomorrow brings, take yourself out, but give your wife/girlfriend and children the chance to live.

To kill a spouse and/or children - who do they think they are? These children might have grown up to be leaders of this country. They might have discovered a cure for who knows what. But, because someone felt their life was in the pits, they took their lives. How selfish can a person be? When someone kills their family, or someone they love, that is purely selfish. It's like saying, I cannot take the life I want, and so we all go.

I'm not sure how people figure they have a right to take anyone else's life, because their lives suck. It's time people with "issues" stop thinking of what they want and start thinking of what others deserve.

Life can be tough. And, sometimes you have to man up or woman up and take the bad with the good. If you can't do that, then at least give your family a chance to do it.
As for these murderers - we can only hope that they still have Hell to endure.

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