Turchin's Take: Pedophiles' twisted defense

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MIAMI - When I wrote my  blog last week suggesting there is no room in this world for pedophiles, child abusers and rapists and that they should all be sent to a deserted island -- well, I received some of the most disgusting and unsettling responses.

I just wanted to share a few paragraphs from one of them with you. This is from someone who calls himself sixpackattack.

He's not man enough to put his real name. Anyway, here's what he wrote. You be the judge.


"I don't even know what to say to be honest. You sicken me. I have never harmed anyone.

I am attracted to little girls. They are so damn sexy. Who are you to tell me they are not?

Sexiness is subjective. It is also funny that the little girls I know like it when I tell them that I think they are sexy.

Yet you and the rest of society acts like it harms them.

Have you seen child porn sir? Have you seen the amount of child porn involving happy, smiling, giggling kids? Stop rationalizing your anti sex attitudes. Kids can and do enjoy consensual sexual contact with adults and other children.

Learn who the real bad guys are. Not all pedophiles want to hurt kids. We just have a different attraction, and it enrages me when people like you conflate us with real abusers who hurt kids.

I love little girls and they love me. When I have to leave they cry their eyes out. When I arrive they get all giddy with excitement. I am attractive, athletic (got a six pack) and all around loving person."

And I am the sick person? Really.

There was also "Baldur" who insists my comments are inciting genocide.

Here's a portion of his/her response.

"John Turchin is directly and publicly inciting genocide......John Turchin specifically advocates expulsion of a group into a deadly environment.....

You seem like a self-hating pedophile to me.  Self-haters can be very dangerous, as with J. Edgar Hoover who was almost certainly of partial African descent and quite likely gay, and yet attacked both blacks and gays.  The pattern has repeated itself over and over again, and perhaps you are part of it.

So, besides having no conscience, you appear to be unconcerned that you are committing a capital crime under international law, and a crime against humanity.

Eventually we will prevail, and your calumny will not be forgotten.  We *will* defend ourselves."

Again, I ask you, am I the sick person? Really.

I would love to hear your responses.

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