Turn off the tube!

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Last night was like most nights…but with one BIG difference: I never turned the TV on. Not once! 

When I was pregnant the first time, I was one of those women who always said "My kids are never watching TV." Now I realize how badly other moms back then probably wanted to hit me and say "sure!" 

It was when my oldest was about six months old when I discovered the mesmerizing power of "Baby Einstein" videos that changed my thinking!

In my defense (and this is where the guilt kicks in) back then I was working the morning shift. Waking up at 2 AM five days a week with an infant to take care of when I got home was exhausting! So, sneaking in a 20-minute nap here and there was huge. I will forever be grateful to "Baby Einstein" movies for those naps! So yes, at that point I started to let her watch TV. Not a lot…but some. 

As my girls got older, their TV time increased…and some days I now realize it can really get out of control if we let it.

So last night when I got home we never turned it on, and they never asked for it! 

It was dinner, straight into the bath and then we sat in my 2-year-old's bedroom floor and played with toys we hadn't taken off the shelf in a while. We played with Strawberry Shortcake and with pretend make-up.

It was awesome hearing their little voices instead of the sound of the television. 

We had this big bag of "Little People" animals emptied out on the floor and my 2-year-old was telling me the names of all of the animals and lining them up…"walrus, lion, camel."

Honestly, I was shocked that she knew so many of them…and then realized it was probably from watching "Go Diego Go!."  

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