Verbatim exchange between Javier Ortiz, Mayor Tomas Regalado

Below is the verbatim exchange between Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado:

Javier Ortiz: Mr. Mayor, Can I ask you a question?

Mayor Tomas Regalado: Yes, sir.

Ortiz: Did anyone point a firearm at you?

Mayor: No.

Ortiz: Was anyone, did anyone brandish a firearm while we were in there?

Mayor: No.

Ortiz: So what is the point of this? What is the point of taking our firearms away?


Ortiz: We're not asking for a raise. We are asking for the restoration of our benefits. We are not asking for the community to give any more in taxes.

Mayor: You know yesterday we had the people from Moody's here and they were very happy that we are reaching the threshold of the reserve. When we do that, it's your future.  I'm out of here in three years and a half and you are going to stay here, so I am working for your future. I am working for your officers' future.


Ortiz: Why do you keep saying to the media that we make $63,000 a year? Why do you keep saying that? Our officers make $44,000. We have for the last four years. How much do you make?

Mayor: If you compound what you are going to get April 1, your bonus that you didn't want to take.

Ortiz: Which we gave up our physicals, which we gave up cars, which we gave up uniforms.

Mayor: That's why you need to sit down at the table.


Ortiz: You're boasting on television that we have almost $75 million in reserve.

Mayor: Well, the reason why we have $75 million in reserve is to preserve your pension because otherwise, otherwise, you'll be like Detroit.


Mayor: We're willing to sit down with you guys.


Local 10's Christina Vazquez to Mayor: So you are willing to meet next week?

Mayor: Oh yeah.

Vazquez to Ortiz: And you are willing to meet next week?

Ortiz: Sure.

Ortiz to Mayor: Can I bring my gun? Can I bring my gun?

Mayor: We meet here. We meet here.

Vazquez: Are we meeting here at high noon?

Mayor: Yeah, we're meeting at high noon and he can keep his gun.