Verdict returned in 'Romeo Rapist' trial

Andre Beadle acquitted of raping woman he met at Publix

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Jurors returned a verdict Wednesday evening in the trial of a man dubbed the "Romeo Rapist."

Jurors acquitted Andre Beadle, 36, of Tamarac, of raping one woman at his home in July 2011. He was acquitted of sexual battery and battery.

Beadle was arrested in Oct. 2011. Two other woman have said he raped them.

Beadle lured two women to his apartment for dates and then raped them there, according to prosecutors.

During closing arguments Wednesday, they painted Beadle as a man who preyed on women he met while working.

"As a security guard at Publix, his job was to protect the public, not prey on the public," said prosecutor Katya Pisman.

Prosecutors graphically described what they say happened when Beadle brought the two women home.

"Over and over and over again, she continued to tell him to stop, 'I didn't come here for this,' but he didn't care," said Pisman.

During the trial, jurors saw images of what prosecutors say were bruises on the victim's neck. The alleged victim took the stand and testified Beadle held her against his will.

Defense attorney Lee Friedland argued the victim felt scorned because Beadle didn't take her out after their consensual sexual contact and that physical and DNA evidence didn't support the claim of rape.

"You cannot believe what she said happened in that apartment. Whether you want to or not, you can't," said Friedland.

He also asked why the alleged victim allowed Beadle to drive her home after the attack.

"This isn't about rape and saying no. This is about her actions making no sense in the world of common sense when you have been violated by a predator who has lured you into his apartment," he said.

A juror who was excused from the proceedings late Wednesday said the facts of the case aren't easy to discern.

"I really have mixed feelings, I really do," said Renee Ferraro.

Beadle faces two more trials.

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