Vic's Picks: Breakdown of Dolphins-Panthers

Standouts from Sunday's Dolphins loss

By Victor Oquendo - Anchor/Reporter
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MIAMI - Cameron Wake:

It may have been unintentional and a little dirty, but Cameron Wake sent Cam Newton a message early in Sunday's game against Carolina. Wake popped Newton in the first quarter, had him spitting blood and a bit rattled. The Panthers had to call timeout and Newton didn't look like himself until the second half. If the defensive line is the strength of the team, why aren't they doing that more often?

Nolan Carroll:

The Dolphins secondary played well, especially Nolan Carroll. He was everywhere, picks, knock downs and break ups. Between Carroll and Grimes, they made Cam Newton's day much longer.
PS: Good thing Ted Ginn, Jr. has Joel Anthony's hands. He ran right past Carroll and had a sure touchdown -- had he not dropped it.
PPS: YouTube Ted Ginn drop it like it's hot -- oldie but a goodie.

Joe Philbin:

I have no idea what kind of culture Joe Philbin has championed in the locker room but he has absolutely championed excellence in the art of the challenge flag. The red flag came out twice on Sunday, both times in the Dolphins favor. He's 5-5 with the challenge flag this season.

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