Video shows jewelry store shooting

Investigators believe Chevrolet Traverse used as getaway car in shooting at Brightstar Jewelry in North Miami

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - Police released surveillance video of a shooting at jewelry store in North Miami on Christmas Eve.

The shooting happened at Brightstar Jewelry about 7 p.m. Monday.

The video showed five masked men walk into the store owned by McNeal Wilson. One man smashes a display case with a crowbar while two others open fire on Wilson, 59, and his daughter's fiancé.

"He don't remember any faces or anything. All he remembered is trying to get away and look for cover, basically, and he knew he got hit. Once he was down, he fired back after but he don't know if he shot anybody or not," said Candace Williams, Wilson's daughter. "Christmas was like the worst Christmas. My son, my family, everybody. We spent Christmas Day in the hospital."

Wilson was shot in the back. His daughter's fiancé was uninjured.

"You can imagine what kind of trauma they were going through," said North Miami Police Maj. Neal Cuevas. "I would say it goes beyond reckless. It's evil and their intent was obviously to kill this owner."

It's unclear how much jewelry or cash was stolen.

Wilson was released from the hospital late Wednesday. His daughter said he plans on retiring after running the store for more than 20 years.

"We was so happy that we was able to speak with my daddy. He was up and he was alert," said Williams.

Investigators believe a dark grey Chevrolet Traverse with dark-tinted windows was used as a getaway vehicle.

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