Video shows who's at fault in cop crash

Hector Ramirez charged in crash involving Officer Juancarlos Erigoyen

MIAMI - Video recorded by red light camera shows who's at fault in a crash that injured a City of Miami motorcycle officer.

Juancarlos Erigoyen was injured Monday when he crashed at Flagler Street and Douglas Road.

Hector Ramirez, the driver of the pickup truck that hit the motorman, was cited for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Ramirez, 49, was also arrested and charged with providing false information on a crash report.

Investigators first believed an elderly driver cut off a pickup truck, causing Ramirez to swerve and hit Erigoyen.

"He claims that someone cut him off so he had to avoid that accident and went into path of this officer, this motorman. Like we see it, we just don't see it on the tape," said Miami Police Det. Willie Moreno.

But video showed Ramirez was stopped at a red light when he crossed over a double yellow line and in front of Erigoyen, said police. Erigoyen was leading a funeral procession at the time.

"He is going around traffic to reach that intersection and make way for this funeral to continue on its way," said Moreno. "The motorcyclist almost right next to him -- lights and sirens -- and he's not aware of what's going on around him?"

WATCH: Traffic camera video

Through an interpreter, Ramirez told Local 10 Crime Specialist John Turchin that he was trying to turn into a bank and that the crash wasn't his fault.

"No, no, no, no. He's the one that hits me, he says, because I am a little bit outside the  yellow line," said Ramirez.

Ramirez said another driver going in the same direction abruptly changed lanes, cutting him off and causing him to swerve to the left, where he ended up in the officer's path.

"The policeman was coming the wrong way. He's coming very, very fast," said Ramirez.

Erigoyen suffered a broken or dislocated shoulder in the crash.

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