Vines consume abandoned Hollywood home

Code violation issued for home covered in vines

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Nature appears to be taking over an abandoned home in Hollywood, creating an eyesore and creeping out neighbors. 

The broad leaves of an air potato vine have consumed the front and sides of a home on Adams Street. 

June Clarkson lives next door and said her home is under constant attack by the vines. She said the home has been vacant for nearly two years. 

The back yard of the abandoned house is even worse than the front and sides. In fact, the vines block the view of the back yard from the alley. 

Local 10 had to put a small camera at the top of a pole to see the back yard, which is covered in weeds. 

Rachel Mazor, who lives across the alley of the home, said the vine has crept along the power line and down a pole to hover over her back yard like a cresting green wave. She said there's nothing she can do about the vine because its roots are not in her yard. 

The state considers the air potato vine a noxious weed. In fact, it is one of the most invasive plant species in Florida in part because it can grow as much as eight inches a day. 

Records show the Adams Street home is in foreclosure. 

When Local 10 called the management company to make sure it is aware of the vine, it thanked Local 10 for the information. 

This week, the vine problem reached Hollywood City Hall. A code violation was issued, and daily fines could be next. Neighbors hope that will prompt the bank to act.

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