Chipotle customer awarded burrito settlement after sickness

Teen sick with E. coli after Chipotle visit

A teen who was hospitalized with E. coli after eating at a Chipotle restaurant last year has been awarded "a couple dozen" free burrito coupons as part of her settlement.


According to NBC News, a 19-year-old woman suffered from the foodborne illness, along with 500 others across the country, and amounted $40,000 in hospital bills. Although she fell ill, her lawyer, Bill Marler, said the teen's love for Chipotle never wavered. He added that of the 96 people he represented in the case against Chipotle, most said they had been back to eat there.


"It seems like they have a pretty strong base of support. I think in some respects it bodes well for their recovery," Marler said.

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