Fisherman catches rare 'ghost lobster'

Chance of such a catch is 100M to 1


The chances of catching an albino lobster - or "ghost" lobster - are 100 million to one, according to Global News.

STONINGTON, Maine - A Maine fisherman said he caught a rare “ghost lobster,” then threw it back because it was too small to keep.

The Portland Press Herald reported that Mike Billings made the catch Tuesday off the coast of Stonington. Billings said the lobster was nearly translucent, a condition the Press Herald said is likely caused by a genetic condition that results in partial loss of pigmentation.

Canada’s Global News reported in 2016 that the odds of landing an albino or “ghost” lobster are 100 million to 1.

Billings said he took photos of the crustacean before throwing it back into the ocean.

He previously caught a rare calico lobster, and another with one blue claw.

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